A starter kit for creators, founders, and dreamers.

We help entrepreneurs, startups, and creators to launch their ideas. It is as easy as writing plain text to create websites, blogs, newsletters, and waitlist for their customers.

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Public launch in 2024-Q1.

Open Formats

Your contents – the blog and the articles you wrote – are yours. They are stored in plain text to be easily exportable and migrate to other platforms without much conversion hassles. We know you will grow and succeed, and we will keep everything ready for you to move your content.



Your account is your own. Of course, you can add one or more of your ideas, startups, companies, or entities as their own. Experiment, iterate, and work on multiple ideas.


Have your own domain name, and and email to go with that. How about [email protected] instead of [email protected]?


Gather interest from potentials customers in an easy and well-integrated email sign-ups. Start a waitlist or a newsletter, and talk to your customers.


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